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Urban Birds are seen in the garden, in the street, in the park, and of course, in the countryside.

It’s easy to attract birds to your garden, however small and close it is to a city. By providing a variety of food-sources and positioning your feeders carefully you will attract a wide range of common birds to your garden.

A bird feeder in a small garden may attract a number of bird species; Woodpeckers, Crows, Tits, Warblers, Thrushes, Finches, and Buntings.


                                                        Species Chapter List…

Mute Swan Wood Pigeon Waxwing
Canada Goose Collard Dove Nuthatch
Mandarin Duck Ring-necked Parakeet Treecreeper
Mallard Tawny Owl Wren
Pouchard Swift Starling
Tufted Duck Kingfisher Blackbird
Red-legged Partridge Green Woodpecker Fieldfare
Pheasant Great  Spotted Woodpecker Song Thrush
Cormorant Magpie Redwing
Heron Jay Mistle Thrush
Little Grebe Jackdaw Spotted Flycatcher
Great Crested Grebe Rook Robin
Sparrowhawk Carrion Crow Black Redstart
Kestrel Goldcrest Dunnock
Peregrine falcon Blue Tit House Sparrow
moorhen Great Tit Pied Wagtail
Coot Coal Tit Chaffinch
Black-headed Gull Swallow Greenfinch
Common Gull House Martin Goldfinch
Lesser Black-backed Gull Long-tailed Tit Bullfinch
Herring Gull Chiffchaff Yellowhammer
Great Black-backed Gull Willow Warbler  
Feral Pigeon Blackcap  



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